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About Us

Datacom is the leader in enteprise solutions in Laos PDR. We are the trusted partner to Lao's leading businesses, government  and institutions.

Our strength lies in our dedication, commitment and focus to customers and their needs. With a Win-win partnering approach with Global and regional IT players,

Datacom has been able to provide the latest available IT technology products and services to the Lao enterprise IT market which comprise of Banking, Mineral Resources, Telco, government and International Agencies sponsored projects, etc.

Vision & Mission

"ບັນລຸເປົ້າໜາຍຄວາມເພິ່ງພໍໃຈຂອງລູກຄ້າ ດ້ວຍການຕອບສະໜອງສິນຄ້າ ແລະ ການບໍລິການ ໃຫ້ໄດ້ຕາມທີ່ລູກຄ້າຕ້ອງການ ພ້ອມທັງແນໃສ່ ການພັດທະນາຢ່າງບໍ່ຢຸດຢັ້ງ"

"To achieve customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations in providing products and services, by focusing on continual improvement."